Working as a computer support engineer in my full time job I sometimes find it difficult to find efficient yet affordable solutions to some everyday problems which I come across as part of my everyday work. Monitoring servers or VPN responsiveness over time is one of those tasks, having some experience in application development I decided in my spare time to develop some small utility applicaions to acheve these everyday tasks.

PingLogger was born, I have used it in my everyday work for sometime and decided after a bit of modification to release it as Freeware and www.pinglogger.co.uk was born.

I intend to update the application over time and add new features, some of my own which I already have and some hopefully from user requests.

PingLogger is free to use and provided without warranty, but I hope everyone finds it useful and I look fordward to reading feedback on how you have used PingLogger and ways I can improve it in the future.