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Posted by Tim McLeod on
Awesome bit of software guys! Simple and very very effective!
Posted by IRREWARGY on
Have been reading this blog by way of rss for fairly sometime now, i wanted to finally make a comment and say hello. I really should put in some effort since you definitly do.
Posted by admin on
Really useful for checking Internet connection issues
Posted by Tatag on
Thank'z awesome tool.
Posted by Nick on
Wonderful little program, very simple and well done.
Posted by Byron on
Great, but really needs ping interval adjustability down to 10ms and ping byte size up to maximum per spec (8192?) to be really useful as a network load tester. It's too bad it's so limited.

REPLY : This is already a feature on the Advanced Settings
Posted by S. Holman on
It's a very good program.
Could you please sign me up for the newsletter?
Posted by raphlgu on
Hi,that's wonderful tool! Some advice for newly development. Add analysis feature for representation of graphical history rather than Excel chart.

REPLY : I will look into adding this in the future
Posted by Rich on
Can you PingLog more than one host at a time, or can you run the app multiple times with different hosts?

REPLY : Not at this time, but you can run multiple instances
Posted by Bastian on
hi, great tool.
is it possible to save the timestamp in the ping log? that would be very helpful.

REPLY : I'll look into adding this but you can currently export the "Database to CSV" on the Advanced settings tab, which includes the timestamp
Posted by gr4ndpa on

i really like that tool to find out issues with latency.
Thats why I added it into the autostart.
But there are some points which arent so great.

-it seems that there is no option to disable Updates (everytime the programm starts it tells me that there is an update)
- if u push the yes (update) button nothing happens -> programm starts.
-if you got that far you have to push the start button every time -> i´dlike to start the programm on startup/disable update question/and automaticly start the logging.
-furthermore the "" url in the programm doesn't open anything at use (would be nice if standard browser would open with a new tab then).

Good work so far - please keep it going - thx.
Posted by gr4ndpa on
I forgot to mention one more thing:

when sent is like 3800 and Received 3789 and i try to set x axies from 3000-4000 for example sometimes an error appears (Axis Minimum Value must be
Posted by Sameer Bamania on
Thanks a lot for this utility helped a lot monitoring ISP gateway.
Posted by Carlo on
Hi thank you for this software. I just want to ask what is the representation of x and y axis. thanks so much.

REPLY : Thanks for your comment, the y axis is the ms time of the reply of the ping command and the x axis is an incremental number of the ping count.
Posted by Thomas on
Very nice app.
Problem is it only shows the first X pings, where I would like it to show the last X pings for continous monitoring of the latest results.
Timestamps would be a good feature for ease of use, but this can also be calculated manually by using the X axis in combination with the interval and start time.

REPLY : Thanks for the comment, you can adjust the visible portion of the graph by manually changing the values in the Graph Settings group in the top right corner of the application, then clicking X / Y Axis buttons. I'm looking to improve this functionality in an upcoming release.
Posted by Dave Randall on
Great tool. Seriously, well done for releasing it as freeware.

FYI - I've been using it on Windows 8 and it works brilliantly.

I found an easy way of finding where to look on the x axis is to multiply the amount of minutes that have lapsed by 12, assuming you're using the default 5000 ms interval.

For example, if you started the trace at 09:30, and then a problem occurred at 10:12 you'd need to look at around 504 on the x axis (42 minutes x 12 = 504 intervals).
Posted by Chris Kluka on
Can... I get some source code for this?

I'd like to add multi-tabbed configuration, automatic starting, and a consolodated graph. Possibly email alerting...

REPLY : The source code is not available but some of the suggested improvements are currently in the works
Posted by Bill Dorminy on
Great tool! Simple to use but powerful! Thanks, it is, and will be put to good use!
Posted by john errington on
I've been looking for something to monitor my connection to the internet as its been unreliable. Unfortunately routerstats doesnt work with my router. Your program has enabled me to log the connects and disconnects. Many thanks
Posted by Tim Griffin on
To be used for network connectivity problems
Posted by Ashley Wood on
Cool App. Any Chance of a little more information. This might be a big ask but i would like to be able to ping several differnt places at the same time. For Example being able to ping 6 different locations on a network. Then from the LOG also be able to see the time that the pings failed/worked.

For that way if im doing a long ping, say 24 hours i could see when pings fail or get high and be able to see where the break in the network might be.
Posted by thomas on
Very nice piece of software. Just a couple of wishes:
- date and time stamp in the log for each entry
- auto-export to .txt once a day
Then it would be perfect to hit the ISP with. Thanks... Tom
Posted by raytrace on
Very nice software.
A little problem; Pinging started normally but I am not seeing anything on the graph. "Enable Graph" is checked in Advanced Settings.

REPLY : Thanks for your comment and apologies for the delay in replying the site was heavily spammed last week and I've only just worked through the legitimate requests.

Have you checked the "Ping Logs" tab just above the graph, this will show you the actual ping results in real time which will give us an ideas of what the problem is.

The most common problem may be that the the application is not running as an administrator, Windows requires that this is elevated to an administrator level on Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

Hope this helps, if not feel free to forward some of the ping logs
Posted by Stephen on
Thankyou for taking the time to develop Ping logger. I am sure you have many suggestions for improvement - if you ever make an update I would request you add to the wishlist:
1. Add timestamps to each ping record especially in the "failure" column of the logs screen.
2. Show gaps in the graph when pings fail to return, (or a really high value). This will help visually identify for when e.g. a DSL link drops intermittently.

Many thanks for your hard work.
Posted by Smithk714 on
Somebody necessarily lend a hand to make significantly posts I might state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and thus far? I surprised with the analysis you made to make this actual publish incredible. Magnificent job!
Posted by Filip Moerman on
Very nice software, nice for some troubleshooting.
I am from Belgium and I have used it for troubleshooting a line that has to big timeouts.
Posted by John Clark on
Nice program. Good ping utilities are invaluable as test tools, and finding a good free one like this is always a treat.

If you are looking for ways to improve I would recommend...

Allow more than one host per instance to see a composite graph and compare stats on one screen.

Allow to attach back to existing data. (If computer reboots you lose your settings).

Help, Tool Tips or both. (Not sure what some settings and options do)

I apologize if these exist. I have only used it briefly.

Thanks for making the tool available!
Posted by monkeychops on
I might be missing something but every time I exit the program and restart it, it has lost the host value and I have to type it in again.
Posted by Ronald Felsch on
Good visualization and easy to configure, but it would be perfect to have the possibility to define some IP-Targets simultaneously, so that important devices can be Long-term traced.
Posted by Nevalainen Ari on
Great software but in "pin logs"-view it could be usefull to have each pings timestamps option
Posted by Mike Wood on
Very well done. Exactly what I was looking for.
Posted by RDW on
Thanks for making this program. Works great.

My ping is around 35 except when I actually want to use it (evenings). Then it jumps up to 100-200 and I get terrible lag when gaming. Also, my download speed is bad at the same times.

I would love to be able to post my ping graphs and compare to others, especially in my same area. Any ideas?
Posted by RDW on
Thanks for making this program. Works great.

My ping is around 35 except when I actually want to use it (evenings). Then it jumps up to 100-200 and I get terrible lag when gaming. Also, my download speed is bad at the same times.

I would love to be able to post my ping graphs and compare to others, especially in my same area. Any ideas?
Posted by mcsam on
very nice app. thank you very much!
I have one question and one Feature request:
- What does the message "cannot perform this Operation on a closet dataset" mean?
- It would be very nice to perform multiple concurrent scans to different targets. And saving log to a csv sheet would be nice to have different csv files for different scan Targets.
Posted by Chung on
Thanks for your software. It's great tool. Easy, light.
Posted by immie on
awesome utility! many thanks
Posted by Don on
very nice tool. I noticed thought that the timestamp in the csv file doesn't give the hours, possible to give the full timestamp in a future release?
Posted by Doug Barnes on
as many have said, an autostart to one (or more) addresses would be great, cping -l to autostart a link
Posted by James on
X-Axis timestamp - useful for cross referencing spikes that happen at certain times of the day
Posted by IVSComm on
Thanks this is great. When I export it shows the minute and the seconds but not the hour. It would also be good if it showed the date. As I often run ping tests overnight and sometimes over many days.

Is there a way to change the default settings when I first open the program?

Great product.
Posted by Carl on
Every time I restart the PingLogger it asks if I want to create a new database. I would like to be able to access the old database after a computer restart. How do I accomplish this?
Posted by Bjorn Sandvik on

Awesome tool, I just wanted to slip in a small feature request: It would be nice if the plot area would move once the graph reaches, say, 80% across, rather than go off screen and force you to define new X/Y sample array.

Posted by Pilskalns on
Just started to use, because we got some problems with ISP in our office. After incoming network device restart everything works, but in some time it stops working. So it is hard to catch and prove, that fault is outside our network devices.

Running on Windows 10, looks like there is some zoom on live graph, but does not work well. It is unpredictable how graph will change after click&drag on it.

Idea: Can you run it headless? Like command prompt process in background? Full CLI would be perfect.

By the way, I am from Latvia.
Posted by Bjorn on
Any chanse you could add logging for several IP-adresses?
Posted by KC on
Great tool! Thanks for making it. Would be terrific if there was a way to have it save the last settings (ping destination, ping interval, timeout value, etc.) between times it is started (or maybe support command line options to pass in the desired settings). Thanks again for the great tool. -KC
Posted by max on

At first, thanks about application. It's really useful and ergonomic.

I would like to now, Is it normal when I change the interval time and I export the database in to csv nothing change about the timestamp ?
Posted by Eligijus on
Couldn't find any better than this. Just what you need to check your ping. Especially useful for solving my wireless 'random ping spykes' issue. Thanks
Posted by Robin Stone on
Great tool.

Question: The following appears in what I will assume is the memo section (right hand panel)... "connection closed gracefully" but doesn't appear in the log database. Is there a way to capture this in the log file?
Posted by Bear on
I love this tool! I just wish it would have a "walking grid". I am usually most interested in seeing data for the past hour or two, so if the axis updated automatically, this would be quite a boon!

Seeing that it is a while since the last update, I hope this project hasn't been abandoned..
Posted by Jas on
What an excellent tool. Thanks for taking the time to make it.
Posted by Stuart on
Needed something to test various sections in my home network to see which device was causing issues. Has been great but was wondering if it could call a ip address/URL from a ini file rather than having to type the address in every time it starts. I launch copies within their own folder so the database is separate.
Posted by Shawn Wright on
Is it possible to have it tweaked a little. I love the program and use it often. However I have to change some of the settings every time I use it. I would like to be able to set a different ping address and change ping times to 1000 (Interval and timeout) and have it stay that way.
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